The reward is at the top

So, one of my goals for this year is a half marathon. I’m actually enthused which is rather a strange feeling to be enthused about running 21km. Usually the sheer thought of sweating and talking myself into walking and then talking myself out of walking makes me want to curl up on the bed for a nana nap, it’s mentally exhausting. Running for me is really hard, I always mentally carry my emergency positive thinking with me and have been known to talk to myself while running telling myself how great I am and how proud I am of myself. Mad I know, I even tell myself off, “Get a grip Hayley it’s only a little uphill.” And get a grip I do…

In all honesty it’s a challenge and that’s what I enjoy facing. There is always a reward at the top and this has become a mantra for me. I hike a lot and I have made a declaration recently that I hate uphills and up mountains for that matter, but I still do it. Reaching that peak, that windy summit you suddenly have the best views for miles. Lakes, rivers, more mountains, coastlines and stunning vistas that stretch and stretch. If it’s a hut hike for the night you are blessed with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the most dazzling stars, satelites and galaxies that are in full bloom and not diminished by city lights. You are away from civilisation, you can think, you can breathe the crisp fresh air and feel it rush through your body, touching your senses and tickling your brain. I always feel grounded when I hike and there are special places I like to go in NZ that make me feel especially grounded and I can feel my spirit heal from within. So with all those beautiful positives I walk up that mountain and I carry extra emergency positive thinking with me because I know where my reward lies.

P.S I have recently discovered that if I take Mr Darcy with me (who is quite a mountain goat and looks rather hot hiking) he sometimes carries my rucksack for me. Bless, he is a gem.

So I am tackling my half marathon a lot like I tackle my hiking and utter dislike for uphills. The reward is at the top, well in this case the finish line and the bottle of vino you receive for finishing, which will certainly deserve a glass or two after!

So, I have been running, walking and cycling. I also do yoga, which I love, but I will talk about yoga later on. I have about 15 weeks to go till the marathon and my running is up to about 3km. A little lame at present, but I am not pushing myself too much just yet. My weight has dropped a little which is another goal within this goal, kind of like a bonus goal. I ran today and it was 32 degrees outside! Melted a little but it was good and I got into a nice rhythm.

I also see these journeys in my students, I had a lovely chat to one of my students today about her goals, not only with the course but within herself. The conditions she has developed for herself due to her barriers. She has her mountains to climb and it’s a pleasure to be there with her on the journey. With kind words, commitment and focus she will find her rewards as well.

I will blog a lot about my training for the marathon, but in the meantime here is a lovely photo of my most recent hike up to a hut called Mueller Hut, which is based in the Mount Cook National Park. We stayed the night and were woken by the warden at 5.30am to watch a sunset that could take anyone’s breathe away. Beautiful Mount Aoraki/Cook is to the left.

Be kind to yourself on your journey, the rewards are only a mountain away



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