Not the Best of Friends

What’s not the best of friends?..

Asthma and Running.

Running and Asthma.

They don’t even sound good together and together they are certainly not peas and carrots or garlic and rosemary, Mork and Mindy, whatever..

I’ve had asthma since I was 3 years old, so nowadays I have quite a good handle on it and am barely a sufferer. The asthma siege normally takes place when the seasons change or I get really ill. In this case I think it’s the seasonal change and everything that comes with the weather becoming colder. Heaters go on and blow dry air, home dehumidifier goes on and blows built up dust from it’s filter, the workplace is having earthquake repairs so the plasterers and sanders have been working around us.

I don’t get the wheeze, I get the restriction in my lungs, thickness in my throat and a sudden shortness of breath that leads to coughing explosions. Lovely..

Two weeks now and I’m over it. Last weekend it was starting to get me down, I can’t even laugh without coughing uncontrollably. It’s hindering my running as I have a general reluctance to venture too far. Thursday night’s uphill run up the Harry Ell Walkway to The sign of the Kiwi was a nightmare.

As much as I’m over it and with the half marathon 5 weeks away it’s slowing down my progress I did get out this morning with sheer determination to conquer at least 90 minutes of running and a little walking if things got worse. I am proud to say I did two big laps of the parks, 15km in total. Yes there was some walking and there was a kids triathlon in full swing in one of the parks, but I managed to do 15 kms in 1 hour 43 mins. My first lap 53 minutes and my second 50 minutes. I was thrilled to beat my first lap.


The running was good, better than what I thought and when I walked to give my lungs some attention, I was attacked by coughing explosions. I came to grips with the fact that the running was going well and I was only getting asthma when I walked, hence the faster 2nd lap.

I’m happy with the result and I hope next weekend when I do it again, the asthma will have settled.

Asthma is a part of my life, I’ve learnt to work with it so it doesn’t stop me from enjoying life.

However, I wish it would sod off forever..


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