Last Decent Run and a Dedication

Today was the day – last day of training for the half marathon. Quite relieved actually as I’m getting tired and know I need the week off to recuperate a bit and because I’m a little over the longer runs and longer training sessions. I am not bashing the training or the longer runs as there have been some almighty rewards throughout this journey to the race. I have shed over 4 kgs and a much needed 4 kgs. I feel so strong, I feel abs and other muscles where I have never seen them before (or it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them that I’d forgotten what they looked like). I have more energy, it’s so nice not being as tired as I used to be. I have clarity and I’m calmer. So yeh I have every reason to be proud of what I have achieved in my training.

I have not tired of Hagley Park once throughout my training and again I have surprised myself as I really like change. It’s just so close to home and offers a  variety of terrain, with good distances and the ability to twist your runs to make them longer. I’ve watched it go from Summer to Autumn in Hagley and it’s sooooo beautiful at the moment, I love crunching all the fallen burnt orange leaves under my feet. Autumn is my favourite month by far and I must admit I had a twinge of sadness as I went into and completed my last lap. A blessed moment of thanks, thanks for always being there, thanks for always providing a solid grounding for my body and soul to pound. I have had many epiphanies, many emotional thoughts and many releases that are physical and emotional. It has been quite a journey Hagley and my interaction and love for you will never cease. I will be back to shed a couple more kgs!!!

Today when I ran I thought alot about my dear friend who has terminal cancer. She has slipped into a coma now and it’s only a matter of a few days. Thoughts of her over-whelmed me today and I had to stop running a couple of times to get my breath back as I was getting a bit upset. Trying my best to think about pink bunnies and puppy dogs I continued on. Mr Darcy suggested I raise some money for the Cancer Society for my run and I should have. He is so thoughtful and I wasn’t. I really wish I had and next time I will keep this in mind. So realising in hindsight I should have taken Mr Darcy’s advice I have decided to dedicate this run to Tania.

I am dedicating my run to her, to show her us woman are strong and we don’t give up lightly. Not every battle is won, but we fight damn hard to do the best we can in life.

Cancer Society

Oh Tania, I will miss you so much.

Anyhow, I am going to spend the rest of the week leading up to the race next Saturday taking in a bit of rest. Upon saying that I do have a little plan for a couple of activities…

Tomorrow I might do the Rapaki Track. An uphill track within Christchurch that takes you to the top of the Summit Road with beautiful views over the harbour. It’s a 334 metre ascent and 3.37 km in length for which you go there and back. It’s become such an easy walk but a fantastic one to do with a friend and have a good gossip on the way. It’s a popular track in Chch and not only attracts walkers and runners but mountain bikers as well. Mountain biking I love, but give me the downhills anyday, I’d rather be a dare devil downhill than sweat buckets slaving it up to the top! Coming down is lovely as you get a grand view of Christchurch and currently there’s yellow at the top, orange in the middle and green on the bottom. Looks fantastic..

I was also thinking perhaps some yoga on Monday and maybe walk to work on Wednesday. I’m going to play it all by ear. But no running, the running will be saved up for Saturday.

So good luck to all us ladies on Saturday! We’ll drive up to Blenheim (about 3.5 hours north). I am looking forward to the girls trip, the race and the vineyard lunch booked for after. Lovely wine, world renowned! and lots of laughs.

Hey my surname is Vine, so it fits really! Bring on the wine!

Vineyard Running



Before or After???

Absolutely fabulous

Almond Protein Ball Recipe

I really want to share my Protein Ball recipe. I got this from a dietitian some time ago and I find them a god send either before or after a run. The running is going well and my distance has now increased to 6km runs and about 40 mins tonight around the park. It was a bit slow, but I am kind to myself and it’s all about achieving it for me. I’m not trying to be first and I’m hoping not to be last in this half-marathon!

I did stop briefly in Hagley Park tonight to take a couple of photos, because I think Hagley Park is lovely. It’s considered to be the lungs of Christchurch. Slap bang in the central city it’s the place to go to avoid the stuffiness of the CBD. (Well when there was a CBD, but that is in re-build mode now 🙂 ) There are also many events here, lately there has been the World Buskers Festival, Wine & Food Festival, Chinese Lantern Festival. This weekend there is the beer festival (NZers love their artisan beers) and setting up has begun for the extremely popular Ellerslie Flower Show. Anyhow a couple of piccies below..

Hagley park 2 Hagley Park

Here’s my Protein Ball Ball recipe. I have adjusted it to suit me and the products I can source in New Zealand, so if you want the original, just message me and I can add it. 🙂


1/4 cup malt

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup Vanilla Protein Powder

1/2 cup almond butter

sesame seeds or chopped nuts

Use some muscle and mix together all ingredients. Is it quite sticky! Form into walnut size balls and roll in sesame seeds or finely chopped nuts.

Protein Balls

TIP: Freeze these balls….because you will eat them…..only remove one about 15 mins before you require it…..keep the rest in the freezer. They are yum and a perfect boost. Enjoy!

Heres the details if you’re in the technical side of it all! Please note this is based on the original recipe:

Per ball: 5g protein, 6g carbs, 6g total fat, 1/2g sat fat, 2g fibre