10 days of 10 sun salutations

I needed something to keep me grounded

I needed something to keep me centred

I needed something to practice and improve on

I needed the energy to get me through


My salvation – 10 sun salutations a day – for 10 days.

I feel strength in my arms, shoulders, core, back, legs and I feel strength in my spirit.

Everyday, every morning. Day 8 I went hiking and did my 10 in the rolling hills.

I feel strong and I feel energetic

sun salutations

I’m now doing 10 days of no coffee and limiting the sugar and bad fat intake. I don’t even think about the coffee, Day 4 of sugar intake not so good, but I’m on day 5 now and back on track.

I attended another workshop at my yoga studio, this time, standing poses. Challenging for me and invigorating. A reminder how much I love the challenges of yoga, but my journey has really only begun.

Is this my next 10 day challenge? Maybe. Maybe I’ll practice my sun salutations some more..

Feeling yummy. Namaste.


Defining yoga moments

In time, your yoga practice on your mat will teach you to surrender more and more to what is. You will learn to stop resisting what is and to stop trying to change things. Next, you will be able to apply that perspective more in your life off the mat. The peace that comes from being able to accept what is will be great, I promise. – Esther Ekhart

I went to a workshop this weekend focused on sun salutations. Each pose was broken down slowly with full instruction and examples. It was so good to see the studio I attend do this for a change. In our usual classes of vinyasa the poses move with the breath and for a beginner or even intermediate yogi it is easy to slip into something that suits quickly and not consider the bandha’s and internal locks so you don’t collapse in your poses and therefore injure yourself in the long run. Or get into bad habits for that matter..

I was really nervous going as I treated it as part of a step towards becoming a yoga teacher myself and perhaps a defining moment in my decision. I loved it and within the first 10 minutes I wanted to be the teacher up the front giving the guidance and instruction. I received fantastic feedback on my poses and I took away some advice as well. It was interesting to see where you can collapse easily and me being one of many females who hyper-extend I need to be very conscious of this.

When I talk about being nervous I sometimes wonder if it is fear or my intuition kicking in. So I sit with it for a while and if I feel myself contract and go inwards I know that it’s not right for me and the fear is there because it’s a bad decision. But if I expand outwards in pride and excitement from my nervous thoughts I know it’s my intuition telling me to just do it and enjoy it!

I walked away feeling so uplifted and educated in sun salutations that are taught at my local studio. My nervousness was my intuition excited and my decision to become a teacher more solidified. I have to admit my arms were still shaking for 15 minutes after! And today they have become increasingly sore.

But it’s that ‘good sore’, you know what I mean..

The workshop in the weekend felt like a sign, a really positive one. I’ve been asking for new opportunities and changes in my reiki whilst sending love to those in need. So bring on those signs because I’m ready for some change in my life! As I surrender to my mat and I open myself up in my reiki this will also reach into my present life and present the changes I desire.